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Love over the Pacific

Hearts across the Pacific - Transpacific Love
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Love over the Pacific. For people in relationships who are from across the Pacific Ocean.
This is a community for Aussies (or New Zealanders) and Americans sharing the joys and difficulties of a relationship across the Pacific Ocean. (If your relationship is now SDR, you are also welcome.) This will be a place for us to support one another and get tips from others who are or were in the same situation. Discussion can center around visas, immigration issues, visiting your S.O., the differences you are discovering, plans for the future, etc. Please refrain from flaming one another or from having contests about who has it the worst. The fact is that we’re all in the same boat and we all need support from time to time.

Take a moment to introduce yourself with our introductory survey!
Your name:
Where are you from?
Your SO's name:
Where are they from?
How long have you been together?
How did you meet?
Have you met in person? When?
What's your favorite part about being in a transpacific relationship?
Plans for the future?
Any pictures you'd like to share?

We will add rules if the need arises, but for now, they're simple:
1) Please be kind to one another. As noted above, this is a community to support one another and not flame one another.
2) Please place excessive images under an LJ cut (be kind to people who still have to use dial-up). The tag for this is < lj-cut > and then < / lj-cut > without the spaces.
3) Have fun meeting and commiserating with other people in your situation!

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